Tableau Developer Interview Questions L1

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Q1): What are the Tableau components?

Q2): What is Tableau Desktop?

Q3): What is a Tableau server?

Q4): What is Tableau Online?

Q5): What is a Tableau Reader?

Q6): What are Tableau Desktop and Server?

Q7): What databases are working for current projects?

Q8): What is the SQL and Oracle database connection process?

Q9): What are the connection types (live and extract)??

Q10): How do you load (import) the database into Tableau?

Q11): What is the custom SQL usage, and can you work parameters with custom SQL?

Q12: What is the difference between Vizql and custom SQL?

Q13: What is the difference between TWB and TWBX?

Q14: What file type do we use when we have Tableau Reader?

Q15): What is TDE, and how does it work to increase performance?

Q16): How many ways can we increase the performance of the dashboard, workbook, or database?

Q17): How do I check performance recordings in Tableau Desktop? Can you give an example of the dual axis and when we use the synchronized axis?

Q18): What are a waterfall chart, a blended axis, and an individual axis?

Q19: How do I sort the field values in Filter?

Q20) Region fields have values like central, east, south, and west and need west values at the top.

Q21): Types filter, diff b/t Cascading and Context filter?

Q22: What are the new features added to Tableau?

Q23: What are the replacement data sources and references?

Q24): Explain the example of replacing data sources. ?

Q25): What is a formula for diff, diff in%, and total in%?

Q26): What do index, SN, and lookup functions do?

Q27: How do you get the requirements for the project?

Q28: How many tables have you used in the current project?

Q29: How many dashboards have you created in Tableau for your current projects?

Q30): What are the dashboard objects and sizes for your projects?

Q31: How do you validate the reports and dashboards?

Q32: How do I improve the worksheet performance?

Q33): What is data blending, and what is the default join?

Q34): What are the data-blending limitations?

Q35: What are the parameters? Explain to Sanrio.

Q36): What parameters can I use in a tableau and explain the limitations?

Q37: Explain the difference between parameters and filters.